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You can always use drip irrigation to help plants limp along during droughts. But why not learn how you can help plants flourish—and why daily drip irrigation can make for the best looking and yielding plants, even where “droughts” are short and sporadic ?

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Why did I revise this book after it was a classic best-seller in 1993? (In 1996, the well-respected gardening newsletter the Avant Gardener picked the book as number seven on its list of “25 Best Books of the Past 25 Years.” Awesome.) A ton has changed. You didn’t learn how to use drip irrigation with gray water and cisterns full of rainwater back then. The change in controllers has been massive. The book explains how to install a controller that uses a weather station in your yard. And lots more.

Now the book’s got 187 pages about drip irrigation (74 more pages than the 1993 edition) and 88 B&W illustrations (21 new B&W illustrations.) Very cool—again.

Why not learn how to use drip irrigation with vegetables and fruit trees; flowering trees, shrubs and even container plants? Step-by-step instructions will hold your hand through installing drip irrigation for each of these applications. Even more important, the book shows ya how to keep the clutter of hundreds of widgets and gizmos at bay. Punched-in emitters beware!

You’ll learn how to avoid 12 of Pop Murphy’s Laws of Plumbing—“Just one more twist instantly produces a cracked pipe or leaky thread”. See the drawing to the right. Why does Pop look sort of like me? ‘Cause I made all his mistakes and can help you avoid them. (i.e. I’m not twisted any more. Maybe.)

Wanna know more?

Now for the, like totally, dull but interesting facts about drip irrigation:

Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates reveals, in part, how to:

Choose the best, sturdiest hardware that will last for decades in your home landscape and vegetable garden.

Pick special drip irrigation tubing that has no emitters punched on the outside—which have a tendency to break off. [The secret: emitters are built inside the tubing, and the tubing rarely gets clogged.]  

Roll out a drip irrigation system in a very short period of time, avoiding tedious hours punching in emitters or adding smaller tubing to reach each plant.

Use gray water and cistern water to reuse and capture these important sources of water for drip irrigation.

How to construct a system that can effectively hide the main parts or simply be attached to an existing garden faucet.

Understand where roots grow, and how roots affect the placement of the emitters and timing of your drip irrigation.

Start with a scientific schedule of irrigation times and adjust the schedule as your garden grows.

Select the best timers and controllers to automate drip irrigation—even how to use satellite control, based on your garden’s actual changing climate.

Individual projects are carefully detailed and include: how anyone can construct a drip irrigation system by attaching it to an existing garden faucet or the main water supply, constructing larger assemblies for big gardens, irrigating all sizes of potted plants, easy ways to irrigate a vegetable garden, and how to lay out drip tubing for the best health of trees and shrubs.

Click here to peruse sample pages of the drip irrigation book. Be prepared to be impressed and entertained.

High praise from Sunset!

Drip Irrigation for Smarties
Posted by Sunset, July 30, 2009 in Tools of the trade
By Jim McCausland, Sunset Magazine

“Simple, but not easy” is how Robert Kourik sets things up in Drip Irrigation For Every Landscape and All Climates (Metamorphic Press, Occidental, CA, 2009; $24.95). That’s an apt description: the basics of drip are simple to understand, but assembling the parts can be work....
(and concludes) Fun book, great info. Buy it and save the world's water supply.

Praise for the First Edition

• “You can't predict a dry year, but you can learn to water wisely. Soaker hoses and drip systems use less water than sprinklers do. For information on drip systems, Robert Kourik's "Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates" is a good resource (”
- From: What to Grow When Water's Scarce, by Barbara Damorsch in the November 1st, 2007 issue of the Washington Post.

In 1996, the well-respected gardening newsletter the Avant Gardener selected Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates as number seven on its list of “25 best Books of the Past 25 Years.” 

“The ‘new Bible’ of drip - with drop-by-drop diamonds of wisdom. Replaces all previous books on the subject.” — Peter Warshall, Whole Earth Review

“Finally, there’s a complete reference on the subject [of drip irrigation]. With the book’s clear diagrams, [Kourik] makes installing a drip system look as easy as popping together a Lego™ set.” — Jack Ruttle, National Gardening Magazine.

Testimonials - Hey, real people love the book. I didn't pay them to say this!

drip irrigation example

“We read and followed the drip irrigation instructions in the book, laying out the drip in rows 6 inches apart for our new veggie garden bed. Based on our calculations and the desire to have the sub-surface soil reach that Holy Grail of a barely-damp-sponge all the time, we run our system 3 times a day at 5 minutes. Pulling up some of the soil with a tool between plants revealed this perfectly barely damp soil. Within a week of planting, we have blossoms, no plant wilt and vigorous growth – not to mention no worries about dry or soggy, airless soil. Thank you!”

Betsy and Don, Santa Rosa, CA

"My husband and I have been singing your praises lately—that inline drip irrigation tubing is the answer. We replaced our old spaghetti mess in the vegetable garden and it’s a marvel."

Ellen in Sebastopol, CA

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