Impressionistic Photography by Robert Kourik

I first started exploring photography with black and white images in the 1960s, and became a part-time professional photographer in the mid-1970s. Since then, my photographs have been published in over a dozen magazines and on the covers of five books. 

Many people know me through my seven books and over 100 published articles, others through my national and international lectures. Some people think I just love to talk; they’d be surprised to learn that I’m basically visually oriented. 

Nearly six years ago I started experimenting with the manipulating of Polaroid™ film (I call it Impressionistic Photography), using an old SX-70 color Polaroid™ camera. The SX-70 film emerges from the camera with a flexible gel between the backing and the clear plastic covering, and I have 30-45 minutes to physically manipulate the image with various tools before the gel hardens. 

My goal is to shift the viewer’s perception of nature, especially the world of plants and flowers. I also produce images just for pure visual delight. Some of the following examples expand the horizons of the manipulated Polaroid™ art form. None of these images have been touched by a computer, only by my hand and imagination working on the soft film. I hope you’ll enjoy my visual side.  Collectors items. Polaroid™ no long makes this film. (Ordering information below large image.)

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A Grove of Birch Trees

Sonoma Coast

Low Tide

Fort Ross, Sonoma County

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Each manipulated Polaroid™ laserprint is available for sale as an 8”X8” image on a 16”X20” mat (no glass or frame). The cost is $150 each, plus S&H.
Call (707) 874-2606 to order.




Fall Garden

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